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About Us

We are an Award Winning, Truly Malaysian Traditional Spa that embrace ancient Royal Traditional Malay beauty and wellness therapy, with embedded Indian and Chinese philosophy of physiotherapy and herbal remedies.

The Traditional Malay Treatment for beauty and wellness practiced within the ancient Royal Palace is carefully designed and implemented in each indulgence treatment menu.

The Name “Ayer”

Spa is a healing process that relates treatment or meditation with water or aqua.
In Malay, “Ayer” is an old spelling version of water.

Ayer breathtaking exterior is match with carefully interior design of a Malay Contemporary ambiance and therapies that employ ancient Malay secrets of herbal remedies and holistic techniques. It reflex in our tagline “Ancient Malay Indulgence”.

Our Products

Our product brand Ayer Aromatherapy is derived from unique traditions of Malay herbs and natural tropical rainforest secrets . Created from enhanced traditional recipes, each product is created from handpicked tropical botanicals, carefully grown, harvested and processed in small batches to ensure optimum freshness and with high quality standards.

Our products range from Malay Massage Oil, Relaxing Massage Oil, Lemongrass EO, Lavender EO, Grapefruit EO, Lime EO, Malay Reviving EO and Ayer Relaxing EO.

Our Spa Products and Accessories can be purchased directly from our Spa Products Wholesaler Ariza Spa Trading in Langkawi.

The Company

Established in 2004 with our 1st Spa in our own Hotel in Langkawi Malaysia with 3 therapies. Up-to-date we have setup, managed and operated more than 25 spas in various Hotels, Resorts and Airports in Malaysia.

Ayer Spa is inspired by our founders who have great passions in holistic and wellness therapy and currently very active in doing research and development with local universities in the areas of ancient malay wellness products and therapies.

Each directors has his or her own expert areas that contribute to the realisation of Ayer Spa vission and mission to be in the forefront to introduce to the world, our rich Malay culture in beauty rituals and alternative healings.

Besides the Malay culture, Ayer Spa also enhance the its spa treatments with Chinese Physiology and Indian Herbal Remedy to make it a truly Malaysian Beauty and Wellness centre.

30th Mac 2011, during the Malaysia Spa & Wellness Award 2011, Ayer Spa Klia won The Best Spa Award from Asia Spa Promotion Council.