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Ayer Urut Body Therapy

Ancient Malay Massage

A Malay Traditional Hot Stone Massage or “Urut Bertungku” practiced by our ancestors during confinement time to heal the tired muscle strain after childbirth. Ayer Spa brings to you this ancient massage techniques to be indulged by both him or her. The hot stone is handpicked from our river, heated and covered with herbal leaves before it is pressed on pressure points to further release those muscle from stress and strain

Royal Malay Massage

Originally and until now, Malay Traditional Massage is performed by traditional healers to cure strain and painful muscle, and to enhance blood circulation and toxic disposal from the body. It applies deep tissue massage with long hard strokes, thumb stroking techniques and stretching to improve blood circulation, detoxify and distress your body. It will leave your body relax, stress-free and “lighter”.

Relaxing Aroma Massage

A long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on layers of your muscle using massage oil and relaxing aroma oil to ease those stress and strain from the whole of your body and mind.

Anti-Stress Massage

The massage focuses on your stress and strain foot, back, neck and shoulder after a long hard day at work or travelling. Long stokes, kneading, thumb friction, neck stretch and foot reflexology techniques is applied to heal away those tension muscle on your tired foot, back, neck & shoulder.

Back Massage

This massage focuses on your stress and strain back, neck and shoulder. Long stokes, kneading, thumb friction and neck stretch techniques is applied to ease those stress muscle on your back, neck & shoulder.

Foot Reflexology

Treat you tired feet with a foot massage and reflexology treatment. It stimulates your nerves to encourage opening and clearing of neural pathways and reduces stress by generating deep relaxation and allowing healing energy to flow.