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Ayer Seri Wajah Facial

Refreshing Express wakeup facial

Wake up those tired skin with our Express Facial Treatment suitable for all type of skin. The combination of natural ingredients of our product and our facial massage techniques will enhance and refresh those tired skin.

Revitalizing Stress Release, Hydrating and Nurturing facial

A revitalizing and brightening facial treatment with natural fruit enzymes that gentle exfoliates dead skin cells to encourage regeneration and renewal. Combined with precious essential oils, this facial nurtures your skin’s natural beauty.

Whitening Pearl Firming, Cleansing and Brightening facial

Treat your facial skin from further sun damage ad enhance renewal of skin cells with our pearl facial treatment. Pearl contains organic protein that softening, firming an whitening your skin. This whitening effect can help reduce the appearance of age or sun spots, scars and even out skin tone, making your skin look brighter and more vibrant.

Reviving Uplift Anti-Aging and Anti-Radicals

Rejuvenate your facial skin with our lightening and anti-wrinkles treatment with Vitamin C facial treatment. Vitamin C protects the skin, destroy free radicals and recover your younger looking skin. The treatment also give instant uplift, moisturize, reduce pores and leaving the skin radiant and smooth.

Rejuvenating Gold Anti-Wrinkle, Pore Reducing, Firming & Moisturizing

24K Gold Serum and 24K Gold enriched Mask with anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, lightening and moisturizing effects is used in this extra uplifting facial treatment. The Serum smoothen skin, provide the suppleness and elasticity. The Gold Mask removes impurities from the skin surface clear and refines the skin pores, firming and uplift the skin. Gentle complimentary hand, neck and shoulder massage will enhance your facial blood circulation. The treatment will leave to you a younger, brighter and more radiant skin.