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Ayer Suri Malay Postnatal

From ancient time, Malay is very famous with their strict rules and treatments specially formulated for a new mother during 44 days of confinement after a childbirth. The treatments consists of bath, massage, sauna, jamu drinks and special clothing to be worn all the time to bring back the figure inside and out like a “virgin” or before the childbirth.

    The Mother shall undergo a daily treatment of :
  • 1) Mandi Daun (Herbal Bath)
  • 2) BerTangas (Sauna)
  • 3) BerUrut (Malay Massage)
  • 4) BerTungku (Hot Stone)
  • 5) BerBengkung (Tummy Wrap)
  • 6) Foot Reflexology
  • 7) Jamu Drink

At the end of the treatment day, the mother will be bath with our Ayer Mandi Suri (7 herbal leaves bath) to uplift her spirit and body.

The treatment will assist To heal the womb, to tighten your childbirth path and vagina, to flatten the tummy, to detox your body and to revive your spirit.

    This package inclusive of :
  • * Products used during treatment
  • * Free Flow of Ginger Tea
  • * Recomended to do the treatment for 3 or 7 or 14 days
  • * Can be done in the spa or in your home upon request
  • * Minimum 3 days in advance for reservation