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Ayer Tangas Sauna

The Tangas will start with a 10 min back massage, then 20 min sauna , followed by a shower and a back pressure point, finally a fresh cold ginger tea to enhance the process of flushing out the excess toxic from your system.

Kenanga & Melur Floral Aroma and Anti-depressant

Especially for her to refresh the mind and spirit with our fresh ingredients of 7 Malay flowers and herbal leaves.

Lemongrass & Pandan Invigorating and Healing

A traditional Malay sauna treatment for both him and her to sooth sore and painful muscles with intensive healing benefits. The scent is invigorating and refreshing as well as calming to the nervous system.

Manjakani & Kacip Fatimah Regenerating and Tightening Muscle

Manjakani and Kacip Fatimah herbs are also used in traditional malay bath especially benefits for her after childbirth to heal the female reproductive system. The herb will heal external tissue damage and also tightening the muscle. Its astringent properties can also help restore tissue growth, strength and elasticity especially in the area of childbirth pathway.

Tongkat Ali & Ginger Energizing and Increase Stamina

A very effective healing treatment practiced by our ancestors specially formulated for him to energize and boost the inner stamina for better living, treat skin infections and to assist in regaining strength, performance, and regularity of the male reproductive system.