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Ayer Lulur Scrub

Malay Lulur Smoothing and revitalizing

A malay traditional conditioning body treatment that softens, refines and revitalizes skin texture leaving it smooth and silky with a healthy glow. Lulur is also reputed to have relaxing and cleansing properties. Traditionally used Vetiver and Pandanus for relaxing effects; Turmeric and Citronella for cleansing and soothing; Sepang Wood to deodorise and tone whilst ground rice acts to gently exfoliate and smoothen the skin.

Vanilla Coconut Anti-Aging and Moisturizing

Coconut has been used as remedy to nurture the body and mind for centuries by traditional healers. The extraordinary combination of coconut powder, coconut oil and micronized salt gently buff away aging skin cells to make skin smoother, less wrinkled and restores moisture to a healthy glow skin.

Hibiscus Rose Brigthening and Softening

Contains hibiscus and luscious rose especially gentle to the skin and brings a soft glowing brightness to the body.

Herbal Coffee Detoxifying and Invigorating

Richly fragrant revitalized herbal coffee scrub originates from the exotic island of borneo. Coffee is rich in anti-oxidants, natural fruit acids and caffeine. The synergy achieved will tone and exfoliate tired skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing.

White Rice Cleansing and Whitening

Rejuvenate your skin with the rich aromatic scrub made from rice powder and essential oil. The essential oil will refresh the skin and the rest ingredients will leave your skin clean, moisture, smooth and fragrant.

Manjakani Kacip Fatimah Skin Firming and Smoother

An Ancient Malay traditional herbal medicine widely used especially for HER. Manjakani herb is rich in Tannins, vitamin A and C, Gallic Acid and elements of astringency, anti-microbes, and anti-inflammatory. For the skin, it is widely used in the traditional medicine especially in healing external tissue damage and also tightening the muscle. Its astringent properties can also help restore tissue growth, strength and elasticity.

Tongkat Ali Energizing and Moisturising

Tongkat Ali is our famous traditional herb especially for HIM. It is the root of a tree found in the jungles Langkawi and Malaysia. Known as the tree that "cures 1,000 diseases", and our ancestors use every part of the tree as traditional medicine. Its aphrodisiac properties and treatment of diverse ailments ranging from cuts and wounds, skin infection, fever, malaria, high-blood pressure and diabetes. Tongkat Ali scrub will boost your inner energy and stamina.

Gamat Skin Repair and Conditioning

From ancient times, Langkawi’s famous traditional medicine Gamat derive from Sea Cucumber living in the sea around Langkawi, has been used as a traditional remedy to treat cuts, speed up wound healing, reduce inflammations and repair tissues. Gamat massage oil is used to relieve muscle and joints pains or aches. The gamat juice or air gamat is a remedy for duodenal and peptic ulcers, hemorrhoids and stomach discomforts. With Gamat scrub, your skin tissue will be repaired and give your skin the “cooling” effects.