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Ayer Mandi (Bath)



LAVENDER MILK BATH                       35m           from RM68

Anti-Stress and Whitening

Used traditionally and until now as one of the main properties in natural perfume, Lavender has an ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. 


KENANGA MILK BATH                         35m           from RM68

Floral Aroma and Anti-depressant

Kenanga or Ylang Ylang is one of the ingredients in our Ancient Malay Traditional Flower Bath for HER. Ylang Ylang psychological effects is to ease anger, insecurity, lack of confidence and sensitivy. It will make your skin moisturize and leaving behind an exotic aroma sense to your skin after the bath.


LEMONGRASS & LIME BATH             35m            from RM68

Invigorating and Healing

From ancient time, lemongrass and Lime is used in various traditional malay medicine to treat infections, oily skin, acne and for healing skin conditions. It is also used for soothing sore and painful muscles and also added to an aromatic bath for intensive healing benefits for HIM and HER. The scent is invigorating and refreshing as well as calming to the nervous system.


MANJAKANI HERBAL BATH               35m            from RM88
Regenerating and Tightening Muscle

Manjakani herbs is also used in traditional malay bath especially benefits for HER after childbirth to heal the female reproductive system. The herb will heal external tissue damage and also tightening the muscle. Its astringent properties can also help restore tissue growth, strength and elasticity especially in the area of childbirth pathway.


TONGKAT ALI HERBAL BATH           35m            from RM88

Energizing and Increase Stamina

A very effective healing treatment practiced by our ancestors specially formulated for HIM to energize and boost the inner stamina for better living, treat skin infections and  to assist in regaining strength, performance, and regularity of the male reproductive system. 







100m                           from RM258


From ancient times, Traditional Malay Flower Bath Ritual is performed by traditional healers to uplift positive spirit and believed it can cure a lot of spiritual sickness.

Here, at Ayer Spa we performed the similar ritual

enhanced with contemporary philosophy of herbal remedies.


The ritual uses fresh ingredients of SEVEN traditional malay flowers and SEVEN herbal plant leaves blended together with a fresh SPRING WATER taken from our own TELAGA AYER SUCI or WELLNESS WELL located within our herbal landscape.


It starts with A Refreshing Lime Foot Soak and followed by a Reviving Malay Body Massage, then you will change into our traditional sarong

and being ushered to our TELAGA AYER SUCI for the bath ritual.


You will be blessed with an essence stick, air mawar and bunga rampai  to create a positive aura around your outer body. Then, The healer will mix all flowers, herbs and other ingredients with the spring water from the well into a special container called BUYUNG.

The healer then bath the guest with the fresh spring water, and then use KAFFER LIME to rub with special motion onto the face, hands and legs, to throw away all negative aura from inside your body. Finally the healing flower water will be poured

onto the guest 7 times with 7 words of wisdom.


After the bath, you will be ushered back into your room and a cooling refreshing ginger tea is served along with our traditional sireh pinang and fruits to end the ritual.


The ritual will leave your spirit uplift and revive

and you are ever ready to face the challenge in your life with positive mind.